Military-Industrial-Religious Complex

Military-Industrial-Religious Complex

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What the hell is this thing?

Dystopia is a [ Military-Industrial-Religious ] alliance that manifests itself as a/n

  • nationalist movement that
    • politicizes religion to concentrate power
    • can do great things with brute force (people, cash), but
    • on issues that require a subtle, wise touch, they are clumsy.
  • government that restricts and/or stops
    • all movement in or out of the country
    • the Rule of Law any legal recourse to government demands, and
    • title to property and wealth-building in general.
  • masked populace struggling to survive
    • toxic air, and
    • pandemics.
  • extraction economy that
    • worships prosperity for a few at any cost to
      • the earth
      • workers, and
      • the people.
  • soulless machine that uses people as cogs in a wheel who are
    • subservient to The Party
    • expendable
    • disconnected
    • oppressed
    • marginalized
    • muzzled, and
    • defeatist.
  • authoritarian regime that
    • is a rogue’s gallery of
      • military
      • industrial, and
      • religious institutions.
    • centralizes economic and social planning to maintain absolute
      • power, and
      • control.
  • land under constant
    • surveillance, and
    • specter of fear.
  • military and secret police state that conducts
    • covert commando/drone raids that kill/destroy on a global scale
    • deportation and/or extraordinary rendition to camps to
      • be tortured, and
      • die.
  • untrustworthy regime that rules and fools by
    • control of all media to broadcast
      • disinformation and propaganda
      • smears, and
      • lies.


The mask is the iconic symbol of dystopia.