Racial, Ethnic & Gender Prejudice and Persecution

Racial, Ethnic & Gender Prejudice and Persecution

Big Questions

For our
genocide of native american indians
enslavement of Africans
racism and prejudice against people of color and immigrants, and
misogynistic treatment of women,

how do we make it right once and for all and reboot America in the process?

Are reparations past due?


How do we battle racism without harming or killing peaceful and innocent protesters, and, well-meaning police trying to keep the peace?

Is defunding police a cost-effective, feasible alternative to reforming within the existing policing system and culture? If not, then how do we effect positive change on both sides of the citizen-police contract?

Is there a klansman in your family tree?

Is racism predominantly instinctive (nature) or learned (nurture)?

Why are hate crimes increasing in U.S. cities?

  • Has the bigoted rhetoric and policies of the Trump administration intensified bullying, discrimination, and even violence toward minority communities?
  • Can a White Nationalist (Trump) be our moral leader?

What Would Jesus DO?

Is it not the grand irony of our times that the very people who insist that Jesus and the Bible must be the ruling principles of our culture and nation in all affairs, are also accomplices to the spreading of hate and violence and racism by their affiliation and support of Donald Trump?

They forgot to ask themselves, What Would Jesus Do?

Shame on them for their cowardice and hypocrisy in the face of the worst bully and liar we’ve ever experienced in the Whitehouse. No matter what evangelicals say, Trump is not the CHOSEN ONE!


 The Laura Ingraham Black Athlete Manifesto

SHUT UP, and
step out of the car,
put your hands behind you,
get out of my gated community,
get in line,
go do the (essential) work,
stand at attention,
go to war,
don't forget to vote
stay in your lane,
get off your knee and stand up, and


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