Is America Abusing Children at the Southern Border?

Is America Abusing Children at the Southern Border?

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Proponents of the current administration’s policy of separating families (children and parents) at the southern border, try to argue that it’s the same as separating families when a parent goes to jail. But this is such a disingenuous argument because it’s not even close to being the same!

Domestic families know well in advance when a parent is going to jail. They’ve got time to prepare, in contrast to the shocking surprise that comes down on families at the border. Prison families know where the prison is, and the prisoner knows where their children are, unlike the families which get cruelly separated at the border. The prisoner in jail can have family visits and the prisoner can communicate with his or her kids and family. Likewise, the kids and families can communicate with the prisoner.

The horrific tragedy is that border parents don’t know where their children are, and the children don’t know where the parents are. This has been happening for years and every American citizen should be ashamed of this fact and can’t imagine how this could have happened.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen knows that she is lying when she tries to make the specious argument that the policy of separating domestic prisoner families as described previously, is the same as the surprise separation of families at the border. You can see the lie in her angry eyes, her rigid facial expressions, and her defensive body language. We’ve seen this look before when any of Trump’s sycophantic followers tow the party line and play political games with the truth.

Nielsen got fired by tweet by probably the most cowardly president in history, coached by one of the lousiest advisors in history (Steven Miller), only to be eventually replaced by someone worse.  As so many other indicted and jailed administration staff have discovered, this is what you get when you run with the likes of Trump.

Someday, Nielsen will regret that she traded the basic principles of human rights and American values, for a very brief moment in history of illusory elite status, power, and invincibility. For a while, she will continue to justify her heinous words and actions in the false name of security. But the pain of regret and the longing for forgiveness will weigh heavily on her thoughts over time, as she sums up everything she did that was good, and everything she did that was bad. This one was bad, really bad.

If you ever wonder where the Trump administration got the idea to separate children from their parents, they got it from studying the Nazis in World War II Germany. The Nazis separated Jewish families, put them on boxcars and sent them to different concentration camps and in the process, killed 6 million Jews. If you want to know what the impact of that kind of terror is, there are many Holocaust survivors still living who can tell you how evil this was.

This is not part of America and being an American, and it is a blasphemy that Trump and his henchmen and henchwomen should impose this policy of hate behind the American flag. Trump is poisoning our cultural value of what it means to be human and humane for all the world to see.

When Trump rants about immigrants at his rallies and ends with God bless America, I’m here to tell you, God is not listening!



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