Civil Society vs Dystrumpia

Civil Society vs Dystrumpia

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All People Are Equal

Love wins
Black lives matter
Immigrants and refugees are welcome
Disabilities are respected
Women are in charge of their bodies
People & planet are valued over profit
Diversity is celebrated

Big Questions

What can a civil society do to fight the racism and injustice of Dystrumpia?

Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?”

Why do all past presidents not like Donald Trump?

Why did Trump refill the swamp with “homewreckers? Does his greed and cronyism know no bounds?

We don’t realize how much character matters in the highest office, until we don’t have it. If we don’t draw a line in the sand now, it will only get worse. (sp)

Do Donald Trump and Dystrumpia share your values and those values of a civil society?

Civil Society vs Dystrumpia

Civil Society...Dystrumpia...
black lives matteronly white folk matter
sitting presidents seek counsel with past presidentshas no relationship and is not respected or liked by past presidents
promotes inclusivenesspromotes cronyism and inside opportunity (trading)
protects familiesseparates families
shuns nepotismembraces nepotism
tells the truthlies
plays by the rulescheats
repairs, maintains, improvestears down and abandons
supports public education for allsupports elite education for a few
believes in the Golden Ruleattacks, attacks, attacks
is polite to everyoneis rude to many
is kind to everyoneis mean to many
is dignifiedis crude
is unselfishis selfish
talks about the "We"talks about "Me"
reads bookswatches TV
spends less than they earnspends into bankruptcy
Is wiseIs chaotic
shows empathy for those less fortunatetakes advantage of those less fortunate
is measured and strategicis ad hoc
is chivalrousis a big collective bully
is humbleis vain
respects womenis misogynistic


Is Trump the Chosen One?

Image result for trump at a rally
It’s all about me, baby! I am the CHOSEN ONE!

Is Trump really the Chosen One for evangelical Christians? Is he truly the flawed man god has tapped to lead America out of depravity to the promised land?

How could a silver-spoon brat from Queens who’s lived his entire life

  • bullying
  • lieing
  • playing by his own rules
  • cheating, including on his three wives while paying off porn stars and bragging about groping women
  • stiffing and misleading employees, investors, shareholders and suppliers throughout six bankruptcies
  • mocking disabled people in public
  • monetizing the Whitehouse for personal financial gain
  • tweeting attacks and insults 24×7, and
  • spreading incivility, lude-rude-crudeness, racism, untrustworthiness and chaos across the globe…..

… the Chosen One?

Where in any of this and the 16,000+ lies (as of 4/18/20) during his presidency do you find the Christian values of honesty, fidelity, humility, empathy, kindness and charity?

What biblical scripture glorifies the Coming of Dystrumpia?



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