Big Questions

Is the rise of tribalism, populism, nationalism, and identity politics (fascism) destroying democracy worldwide?

  • How do we live in a 50-50 world?
  • If we don’t push back, can fascism rise unchecked?

Alexei Navalny, Russia opposition leader (to Putin) poisoned with Novichok.

Are we losing our resolve to make dictators accountable, fearing retribution in the marketplace?

  • Should we, and how can we, make despots accountable for their killings?
  • What’s up between Putin and Trump?

You may assassinate an enemy, but it’s difficult to kill an idea.

Big Picture

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The right to alter or abolish government is the ultimate expression of the people’s sovereignty.

When the revolution comes, white privilege will be playing golf inside their gated communities while V hacks the grid.


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