In My Lifetime

In My Lifetime

 1949 – present

we stopped spitting in public
we stopped carrying guns into the saloon
we stopped littering our highways
we started protecting our air and water
we stopped drinking martinis at lunch
we stopped smoking in offices and restaurants
we stopped demonizing gay people
we eliminated the death penalty
we started yelling NO! to monuments of confederate slavery
we started yelling NO! to using more plastic
we started yelling NO! to sexual misconduct
we started yelling NO! to workplace discrimination
we started yelling NO! to unsustainable extraction
we started yelling NO! to police violence


gun violence,
racial, religious and ethnic prejudice,
religious vs secular polarization,
science denial,
endless wars,
sexual deviance,
the politicization of everything, and
poverty & inequality,

continue to plague us,


eventually, we do change for the better.


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