Big Questions

Does busing work as a school desegregation strategy?

  • What do black parents and students really want?
  • What do white parents and students really want?

Can schools be made safe to go back to school?

How does racism function in the classroom?

Has the forced online family distance-learning experience during the self-quarantining COVID-19 crisis confirmed the importance of brick-and-mortar schools because kids need

  • professional teachers (sorry, mom and dad!)
  • daily structure and routine
  • socialization with other kids and teacher faculty, and
  • libraries, labs, gyms, auditoriums and cafeterias?

Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Society / Education

Aims and Organization of Education

  • Philosophies of education
  • Learning process and the teaching art
  • Organization of education

Education Around the World

  • Systems of education
  • History of education
  • International education activities

Knowledge Creation

Further Reading

Good Books


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