Human Life

Human Life

Big Picture / Human Life

International Nurses Day 2020

Big Picture

Stages in the Development of Human Life on Earth

  • Human Evolution
  • Human Heredity

Health & Disease

Human Behavior and Experience

  • Human Nature & Experience
  • Attention, Sensation, Perception
  • Current internal states affecting behavior and conscious experience
    • Motivation: needs, desires, achievement, anxiety, aggression, sex
    • Emotion
    • Sleep, dreams, altered states
  • Capacities and Inclinations
  • Learning and Thinking
    • Diverse theories of human learning
    • Psychomotor learning
    • Perceptual learning
    • Conceptual learning and concept formation
    • Memory
    • Abnormalities of memory
    • Thought and Thinking
  • Personality and the Self
    • Definitions of personality
    • Measurement of personality
    • Personality functioning and adjustment
    • Mental disorders


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