Are tax cuts and tariffs working?

Are tax cuts and tariffs working?

According to Matthew A. Winkler, no.

Tariffs are as complicated as trying to model and predict the weather. The unintended consequences that can arise from the infinitely complex interconnections of supply chains are beyond any president’s comprehension. If you create a tariff war over in one market, without realizing it you create a slow-moving disaster in another market. The launching of tariffs is like flipping a coin with one side good and the other side disaster, simply on the arrogant, misinformed, and wrong-side-of-history whim of one man.

Trade Works. Tariffs Don’t.

Trump likes to make deals, so here’s the deal: if we allow him to launch a tariff war, we agree to pay him 1% of 1% of the net reduction in our trade deficit; but, he must agree to reimburse the country for any damage he causes if it doesn’t work out so well. Would Trump take that deal? Of course he wouldn’t! He only does deals with other peoples’ money (taxpayers, banks, suppliers, employees, investors), and history shows, it generally ends up in loan defaults and bankruptcy.

Great businessman and leader? The majority of the American people don’t think so.


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