Big Questions

Does Donald Trump’s $400M personal debt and current/planned business interests with foreign entities (Russia, Turkey, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, et al) pose a huge conflict of interest and a national security threat?

Has the disruption of the military by COVID-19 pushed the military towards more autonomous force projection across all of its strategic platforms?

  • Are machines now more reliable then humans?

Should autonomous drones make the kill decision without a human in the loop?

  • Should we ban autonomous nuclear weapons?
  • How many nuclear warheads exist in the world?
  • What’s our long-term plan to reduce this number to zero?

Will we need ai to defend against ai? Is that like an ai-dog chasing its ai-tail?

If AI can produce human-equivalent writing-on-demand, does the pen become mightier than the sword in terms of its propaganda potential and impact on people and countries?

Are these our cyber warriors of the future? Should we really be encouraging kids down this path?

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