Big Questions

Has the disruption of the military by COVID-19 pushed the military towards more autonomous force projection across all of its strategic platforms? Are machines now more reliable then humans?

How will we fight state-sponsored disinformation and propaganda in the future?

If AI can produce human-equivalent writing-on-demand, does the pen (truly) become mightier than the sword in terms of its propaganda potential?

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based hyperwar’s super-speed obsolete human intervention and control?

Should autonomous drones make the kill decision without a human in the loop? Should we ban autonomous nuclear weapons?

Will we need ai to defend against ai? Is that like an ai-dog chasing its ai-tail?

Should we consider Russia’s and China’s cyber-meddling in our affairs an act of war?

Are these our cyber warriors of the future? Should we really be encouraging kids down this path?

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The consequences of war

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