Climate Change

Climate Change

Big Picture / Earth / Envelope / Weather / Climate: the aggregate of weather / Climate change

There will come a time when mathematical (scientific) ignorance, like public smoking, will become socially unacceptable. – King

Big Questions

Are citizens and scientists underestimating climate change’s potential existential threat? > MOSAIC

Would injecting sulphur in the atmosphere cool the planet (geoengineering)?

Are oil platforms a hidden global environmental disaster in slow motion? If the EPA is dismantled, who will protect our air and water?

Double-Whammy: While top climate scientists are leaving the U.S., top climate scientists are not coming to the U.S.

A Simple Plan

  • Pick a long long-term target date, 30-50 years out.
  • Set the climate change goals.
  • Chunk down those goals to annual increments.
  • Complete an increment each year.
  • Be serious about the plan and follow through.
  • Gain increasing confidence in the plan over time.

If climate change does not become a long-term problem, we would have only spent a drop in the bucket.

We have nothing to lose (a tiny amount of short-term profits) and a lot to gain by saving the earth from dying.


Big Picture

Good Books


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