Climate Change

Climate Change

Big Questions

Before and After: Global Ice Viewer

Are citizens and scientists underestimating climate change’s potential existential threat? > MOSAIC

Can one man really put the world at risk?

The world’s greatest existential risks such as climate change and nuclear apocalypse, can only be solved by the world working together. Unfortunately, as far as working with Donald Trump, world leaders know he is a/n stubborn, uncooperative, unreliable, inconsistent, unhinged — pardon my french — asshole, that no one wants to work with. So they are ignoring Trump and therefore, ignoring America, when we need to be working together to face these huge existential threats.

There is only one way to solve this problem.



Would injecting sulphur in the atmosphere cool the planet (geoengineering)?

Are oil platforms a hidden global environmental disaster in slow motion? If the EPA is dismantled, who will protect our air and water?

Double-Whammy: While top climate scientists are leaving the U.S., top climate scientists are not coming to the U.S.

A Simple Plan

  • Pick a long long-term target date, 30-50 years out.
  • Set the climate change goals.
  • Chunk down those goals to annual increments.
  • Complete an increment each year.
  • Be serious about the plan and follow through.
  • Gain increasing confidence in the plan over time.

If climate change does not become a long-term problem, we would have only spent a drop in the bucket.

We have nothing to lose (a tiny amount of short-term profits) and a lot to gain by saving the earth from dying.


Big Picture

Big Picture / Earth / Envelope / Weather / Climate: the aggregate of weather / Climate change

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