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Trump fired the expert and experienced U.S. global pandemic response team two years ago, and then appointed Pence to control the coronavirus narrative. Every situation that Trump touches turns into a political maneuver to get himself reelected, instead of thinking about what is the right thing to do for the greater good.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

Give the guy some credit for

Trying to

  • stimulate good Employment
  • keep China honest
  • neutralize and/or assassinate bad guys
  • secure the southern border
  • not start new wars
  • reduce the number of troops deployed internationally
  • force (sue) corporations over the high cost of drugs, e.g., HIV Truvada
  • ban e-cigarettes
  • advance criminal justice reform; or is he?

The Bad:

abusive, amoral, criminal, demagogic, despotic, destructive, disingenuous, greedy, illogical, impulsive, ineffective, manipulative, opportunistic, rogue, short-sighted, unethical, unhinged, uninformed, untrustworthy, untruthful, unwise

  • Rule of Law
    • Abused his power via the Attorney General and Justice Department to tamper with Roger Stone’s verdict
    • Cheated Amazon out of a $10 billion contract
    • Violated War Powers Resolution by assassinating Qassem Soleimani — an act of war against Iran — without consulting with Congress
      • Threatened bombing Iran’s cultural sites in violation of Geneva Convention
    • Violated Federal Protection Laws by exposing the whistleblower
    • Just take the land” to build wall and he’ll pardon staff if jailed
    • 6 WH administrators in jail or indicted
    • Pardoned convicted, undermined military
    • Pathological lying, cover up, obstruction
      • Defended Putin over claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election, ignoring our own intelligence community.Quid pro quo dirt from foreigners
    • Abuse of Office for personal gain:
      • Violating emollients law in plain sight (Trump’s properties)
      • Nepotism
        • Ivanka in China
        • Jared in Saudi Arabia and Israel
  • Economic Warfare
  • Alienation of Allies
    • Suddenly pulled U.S. Troops out of Syria
    • Canada, Europe/NATO, Kurds, Mexico
    • But embraced every enemy and dictator
  • Immigration
    • Demonized and weaponized immigration for political purposes.Separated children from their families
    • Southern wall is a boondoggle
      • diverted $36B from military budget
  • Clean Air and Water and Land
    • Covertly dismantling EPA
    • Unchecked expansion of extraction and piping
  • Dictators and Despots: Failed to make
    •   MBS accountable
    •   Putin accountable
    •   Kim-Jong Un accountable
    •   Erdogan accountable
    •   Iran accountable
    •   Duterte accountable
  • Swamp: to drain or not to drain
    • All the President’s Fixers
    • Refilled swamp with cronies, crooks, family
    • Cronyistic revolving door of corrupt/inept appointees
    • Elitist doofas for Education Secretary
  • Politicization of
  • No Progress with
    • Climate change
      • Withdrew Paris Accord
    • Critical infrastructure report card is D-
    • Healthcare
      • Cost of prescription drugs
    • Gun control
    • Racism

The Ugly:

awful, clumsy, crazy, embarrassing, mean, moronic, narcissistic, outrageous, petty, ridiculous, selfish, shameful, sleazy, snarky, vulgar, weird

  • Manipulation/Suppression of the Truth 1984-Style
    • Lied
      • about his taxes
      • about the size of his inauguration crowd, and
      • 10,000 other things
    • Tampered/intimidated impeachment witnesses in real time
    • Paid off porn star payoffs: Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow
    • Self-predicted Hurricane Dorian’s path with a Sharpie
    • Erased anti-Trump images in National Archive exhibit
  • Insulted and/or physically mocked and/or bullied
    • Turkey’s Erdogan with an insulting letter, returned to sender
    • Greta Thunberg, the classic bully move to pick on someone smaller, younger, weaker
    • John McCain and his family about his POW hero experience
  • Gangster-in-Training: You’re Fired!
  • Weirdness
    • Hugging the flag
    • Made an offer to buy Greenland (with whose money?!)
    • Interviewed adjacent to a D-Day cemetery
  • Words Matter, he’s just no good at them
    • Trump called Governor Inslee (WA) a “snake
    • Trump called the coronavius “a hoax
    • Chinese virus…”
    • Called generals “dopes” and “babies”
    • He has the speech, vocabulary, and principles of a 6th-grader
    • State of the Union speech: lots of lies
    • “I alone can fix it.”
    • Trump calls Adam Schiff “a sick man.”
    • “I don’t have racist bone in my body!” (lie)
    • FBI are “scum”
    • “…Trump is calling for a complete shutdown of muslims…”
    • “President Putin just said it’s not Russia.”
    • “They’re rapists, but some are fine people.”
    • “Shithole countries.”
    • “I prefer heroes who don’t get caught.”
    • “Mexico will pay for the wall.” (lie)
    • “We fell in love,” with Rocketman.
    • “I’m a stable genius.”
    • “Kurds didn’t help us in Normandy.”
    • “Very fine people.”
    • “I’m a very smart guy.” Who says that?
    • “I know more than the generals.”
    • “I command you to leave China!”
    • “He’s weak, low IQ.”
    • “Republicans are scum.”
    • “I hardly know the man.”
    • “Whistleblower is a traitor.”
    • “Impeachment is like a lynching.”
    • “He died like a dog.” (lie)
    • “She’s not my type.” (misogyny)
    • “You can grag them by the pussy.”
    • “Well, he’s two-faced.” (Trudeau)
    • “My father was born in Germany


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