If we don’t shine the light of accountability on Trump, like a cockroach in the night he will raid every cabinet in the kitchen.


Big Questions

Why would you want J.R. Ewing, a covetous, egocentric, manipulative, amoral oil baron with psychopathic tendencies, or Eddie Haskell, a manipulative, sneaky, rotten bully, to be your president?

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How well do we know Donald Trump, the man?

  • Current and ex-Whitehouse staffers say he is vile and ludicrous.
  • Does your intuition tell you that some measure of this is true?
  • Is this acceptable for a President of the United States?
  • Why should we lower the standards for the President and the White House that we Americans uphold in our own lives?
  • If Trump can “fall in love” with Kim Jong-un and Putin — two of the most despotic totalitarian rulers in the world — why can’t he be at least civil with the American people?
  • Honestly, what’s been going on between Trump, Putin, and Russia?

Senators, is it time for your profile in courage?

Big Picture

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