Politics, Power and the Supreme Court

Politics, Power and the Supreme Court

Such as, make an entrance with style; or, give a non-machine-metallic back massage; or, …..

If a troubled and desperate 22-year-old kid hides on a rooftop and picks off innocent and unsuspecting people with an AR-15, then the good guy with a gun is 22 years too late.

We stopped doing some bad things, and started doing some good things. Eventually, we can and do change for the better.

Is THE LAW, above the law?

Does human nature doom us to endlessly fight one another? Will war ever be within our control? (Nachtwey)

Are we in the midst of a slo-mo democracy devolution happening in plain sight?

Are you experiencing family problems, a decline in work productivity, and physical and mental burnout? What can you do when you’re addicted to work?

The United States’ World Press Freedom Index (45 out of 180) which has major structural barriers to press freedom is no longer the world model for freedom of expression.

Fear leads to anger, and anger to hatred, will only end in suffering. REJECT FEAR with hope, choice, humility, empathy, redemption, and balance…..the ultimate truth.

The AI-augmented person and the humanized robot will someday meet each other, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s not the singularity we are headed for. It is convergence.

What might the moral fairness and long term merits be if every biological mother/father duo was obligated to evenly share the parental and financial responsibility of a child from conception through age 21?

ai is an existential black box hovering over our world like a dark cloud, accelerating in size and weirdness every second until it will eventually swallow us whole.

Can human society live within its means (earth’s finite resources) without earth overshoot? Where is the water going along the river’s vast man-made ecosystem? Is it too late to save the Colorado River?


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