Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

Striking the Balance Between Lives and Livelihoods

Is American Exceptionalism working against us in these times? Americans don’t like to be told what to do; however, they will come together in solidarity to help, protect, care for, and save fellow Americans. Does wearing a mask require and deserve our solidarity?


As Americans, we love our freedom and independence. But in certain times when we need to all come together and make personal sacrifices for the greater good, we sometimes under-perform other nations. For those Americans that don’t perceive the coronavirus as a clear and present danger, they think and act as they choose, but not as a united nation. For many Americans, the coronavirus is abstract and is not perceived as a clear and present danger because they can’t see it, touch it, understand it, believe it, even though science and data confirm the virus is an existential health and economic crisis of enormous scope. It is a tragic irony that our fierce and independent Americanism we are so proud of is working against us and not uniting us, but dividing us at this critical time.

It is a difficult leadership moment in history for politicians at the federal, state and local levels to know the right balance between

  • guidance and directives emphasizing safety and the protection of lives, vs.
  • Trump’s “banzai charge” to give the virus the finger (mask-less) while misleading, egging on and cajoling citizens back to work and students/teachers back to school asap to serve his personal reelection objectives while he has zero empathy or regard for how many lives may be lost.

Striking the right balance is the key, but where and how to strike the balance between livelihoods & lives has to be one of the most difficult and critical in our lifetimes. The criteria people are using to inform their opinions/decisions are all over the map: risk/reward, science, data, religion, politics, conspiracy theories, gut instinct, and one’s basic need to survive.

We are a family, and a family in crisis pulls together to save its home and household and in the process, we make no favorites within the family. If one family member needs a little more help today, that’s ok because in the future that member can help another who is in need. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In this moment of crisis, we Americans should be one in solidarity and love.


Big Questions

Can normal life resume before everyone is vaccinated?

Will we ever trust crowds again?

What could go wrong with self-spreading vaccines?

Can it be made safe to go back to school?

Who will get the vaccine and in what order?

How will COVID-19 shape and advance our society?

Why was the U.S. not prepared for COVID-19?

Trump knew.
Trump lied.
Americans died.


How is the U.S. economy going to recover from this disaster?

What is our road map ahead for Pandemic I?

  • institute uniform social-distancing and quarantine policies
  • ramp up testing and produce faster-acting test kits at scale
  • prioritize testing of health workers
  • allocate masks and ventilators to stop states’ competing
  • simultaneously fast track development of
    • rapid trials to race for a vaccine, and
    • multiple production plants for each vaccine.
  • The first modern pandemic: The scientific advances we need to stop COVID-19 by Bill Gates

Thou Shalt Go Back to Work & School

There’s nothing in the bible that says, “Thou shalt not wear masks and social distance.”

Does Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick know what the f**k he’s talking about when he says he is willing to die from coronavirus in order to go back to work now and help save America’s economy for his grand-kids? Apparently he subscribes to the evangelical christian gospel of “growth and prosperity” which says “thou shalt not sacrifice a quarter or two of gross domestic product to save tens of thousands of lives.”

What a brave guy he is, always looking so sharp in his yellow power ties. If Patrick were to contract a coronavirus and die, in the process he would infect his family and become the source of the virus that might kill one of his grandchildren. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, are you willing to pay that price? Did you ask your kids and grand-kids if they are willing to pay that price?

Of course we all have to go back to work sometime and want to go back to work, but the tough question is, when is the right time for the greater good?

Should this be decided unilaterally by one man?



And the People Stayed Home
by Kitty O'Meara

And the people stayed home. 
And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, 
and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, 
and were still. 

And listened more deeply. 
Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. 
Some met their shadows.
And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. 
And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, 
mindless, and heartless ways, 
the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, 
and the people joined together again, 
they grieved their losses, 
and made new choices, 
and dreamed new images, 
and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, 
as they had been healed.

by Lynn Ungar

What if you thought of it
as the Jews consider the Sabbath —
the most sacred of times?
Cease from travel.
Cease from buying and selling.
Give up, just for now,
on trying to make the world
different than it is.
Sing. Pray. Touch only those
to whom you commit your life.
Center down.

And when your body has become still,
reach out with your heart.
Know that we are connected
in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.
(You could hardly deny it now.)
Know that our lives
are in one another’s hands.
(Surely, that has come clear.)
Do not reach out your hands.
Reach out your heart.
Reach out your words.
Reach out all the tendrils
of compassion that move, invisibly,
where we cannot touch.

Promise this world your love —
for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health,
so long as we all shall live.

Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Life / Human Diseases / Coronavirus

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Good Books


Civil Society vs Dystrumpia

Civil Society vs Dystrumpia

Big Picture / History / World Since 1920 / United States Since 1920 / Dystrumpia

Trump can’t get away with insulting, demonizing, mocking and ridiculing good people his entire life without it ultimately coming back to haunt him.


Big Questions

Will Trump ever concede the 2020 Presidential Election?

Is Trump the “Chosen One,” doing god’s work for the country? Or is he simply a mashup of [ Eddie Haskell + Elmer Gantry + Vince McMahon ], barnstorming one rally after another across the fruited plain (airport hangars) bullshitting good American people?

When, where and how will Trump ultimately face his comeuppance?

Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”

Are the Proud Boys Trump’s Brownshirts?

What can a civil society do to fight the racism and injustice of Dystrumpia?

All People Are Equal

Love wins
Black lives matter
Immigrants and refugees are welcome
Disabilities are respected
Women are in charge of their bodies
People & planet are valued over profit
Diversity is celebrated

Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?”

Why did Trump refill the swamp with “homewreckers? Does his greed and cronyism know no bounds?

Is trump trying to build a wall around our Internet too?

Do Donald Trump and Dystrumpia share your values and those values of a civil society?

We don’t realize how much character matters in the highest office, until we don’t have it. If we don’t draw a line in the sand now, it will only get worse.


Civil Society vs Dystrumpia

Civil Society...Dystrumpia...
respectfully transitions powerunrespectfully refuses to transition power
respects sciencedemonizes science
is transparenthides the truth
votes oncevotes twice
black lives matteronly white folk matter
sitting presidents seek counsel with past presidentshas no relationship and is not respected or liked by past presidents
promotes inclusivenesspromotes cronyism and inside opportunity (trading)
protects familiesseparates families
shuns nepotismembraces nepotism
tells the truthlies
plays by the rulescheats
repairs, maintains, improvestears down and abandons
supports public education for allsupports elite education for a few
believes in the Golden Ruleattacks, attacks, attacks
is polite to everyoneis rude to many
is kind to everyoneis mean to many
is dignifiedis crude
is unselfishis selfish
talks about the "We"talks about "Me"
reads bookswatches TV
spends less than they earnspends into bankruptcy
Is wiseIs chaotic
shows empathy for those less fortunatetakes advantage of those less fortunate
is measured and strategicis ad hoc
is chivalrousis a big collective bully
is humbleis vain
is openis closed inside a wall
respects womenis misogynistic




Big Picture / Human Society / Politics & Government / Utopianism / Dystrumpia / Trump

The Republican Senate is Like a Gated Golf Community

Is fascism sneaking up on us one tweet at a time?

Was Trump Ever the Chosen One?


Act of War

Agent Provocateur

All the President’s Fixers

All the President’s Men

America, Who Are We?

A New Democracy Rising

Approval Voting

Are tax cuts and tariffs working?

Authentic Photographs

Beware of False Prophets

Buyer Beware of Fake News

Can One Man Really Put the World at Risk?

Civil Society and Dystrumpia

Donald Trump Gave Us the Finger


Eventually, We Will All Be Melting Pots of Each Other

Get a Grip!!

In My Lifetime

Is America Abusing Children at Southern Border?

Is fascism sneaking up on us one tweet at a time?

Is Trump the Chosen One?

It’s All About Me, Baby!

It’s Not Impeachable!

Let’s put an end to hate-mongering

Liar, Liar

Military-Industrial-Religious Complex

Putin’s Game

Striking the Balance Between Livelihoods and Lives

The Culture of Politics

The Republican Senate is Like a Gated Golf Community

Thou Shalt Go Back to Work

Trump’s Decision Criteria

Trust is the Glue That Holds Us Together

Two-Party Madness

Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Walls Separate Nations

Was Trump Ever the Chosen One?

We Can Do Better

We Don’t Hate You

What a Brave Guy

What Does It Mean to be an American?

Willful Ignorance

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Trump

Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Big Picture / Human Society / Law / Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

A fish rots from the head down.

Hall of Shame

Banks: Collusion by Nomi Prins | massive corruption: Australian Banks | money laundering: Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo

Corporations, CEOs, Boards: Tyson Foods, NRA, United Airlines, Volkswagen, Massey Energy, fake it ‘til you make it: The Inventor

Courts, Justices, Attorneys: justice department: William Barr | crooked lawyer: Michael Avenatti | obstruction: Matthew Whitaker | West Virginia

Data Privacy: Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Despots: greed: The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management Sharman

Education: Secretary DOE: Betsy DeVos

Entertainment: Seaworld: Blackfish | sexual harassment: Bill Cosby, Louis C. K., Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein

Immigration: separation & abuse: Immigrant Children

Legal Profession: sexual harassment: Alan Dershowitz, Brett Kavanaugh

Media: extortion: American Media/National Inquirer | evangelical extremism: Sinclair Broadcasting

Oil & Gas Industry: climate change disinformation, oil & gas extractors: Blowout Maddow

Pay-to-Play: largest admissions scandal in history | The Price of Admission Golden | anything for a profit: Heineken in Africa van Beemen 

Pharmaceutical Industry: opioid addiction conspiracy: Sackler Family, Purdue Pharma


Ponzi: Bernie Madoff


Schools: child abuse: The Quiet Rooms, St. George’s School, Boy Scouts of America

Sports & Athletes: cheating: Astros | sexual harassment: Larry Nassar/MSU/Olympics | doping: Russian Olympic Athletes | corruption: FIFA

Trump: coronavirus: Mike Pence | list of dismissals and resignations: Trump Administration | Russia: The Apprentice Miller

Big Questions

Will the Sackler Family behind Purdue Pharma ever face justice for the opioid epidemic?

What is it with Mike Pence? Is he

  • arrogant
  • stubborn
  • narcissistic
  • vain
  • stupid
  • a non-organic species who can’t infect or be infected
  • the real Chosen One (instead of Trump), or
  • all of the above?

Are Trump and Barr undermining the integrity of the Justice Department? Is the normalization of redaction creating a fog of secrecy that obstructs democratic vigilance, accountability, and justice?

Should Russia be banned from all global sport including 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup for planting fake evidence and deleted files linked to positive doping tests?

Is Boeing being made fully accountable for its actions?

What is the greater risk to our democracy: That our adversaries lie to us? Or that our own government, politicians, and corporations lie to us?

What can/should Congress do when Trump appointees defy it?

Social Parasites

Religion, sports, corporations, government, entertainment, police, and the military are massive global communities that attract people who want to do good to make a difference in the world. But because they are so huge and complex, they also attract a percentage of impostors with bad intentions who infiltrate and hide within these professions to silently and secretly pursue evil and wreak havoc.

Some bad cops will occasionally murder people on the street.

Like parasites, they hide inside their host. Their leverage is magnified by many times because they operate in an environment of trust which enables them to ambush kids and adults and minorities and immigrants and people of color they are sworn to serve and protect.

This is a dark corner of human nature that will be very difficult to stamp out. Some priests and ministers will molest children; some bad cops will occasionally murder people on the street; some soldiers will rape the women of their enemies.

Our only hope is to be constantly vigilant, make bad actors accountable, and never give up on the ideal of giving every woman, man, and child a chance to grow up and pursue life in a safe and loving environment without abuse, without violence, without trauma, so that we stop replanting over and over the seeds of evil that may someday sprout again.


Fascism and the Rise of Dystrumpia

Fascism and the Rise of Dystrumpia

Big Questions

Is Trump undermining and delegitimizing our elections (democracy) in collusion with Putin?

Have you noticed that not a single former president has endorsed Donald Trump, or even wants to be seen or associated with him? What does that say about Trump?

Four living former U.S. presidents speak out against systemic racism and injustice, but not Trump.

Has Donald Trump replaced Joe McCarthy as the most dangerous demagogue in American history?


Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?

Is Fascism Sneaking Up On Us One Tweet At a Time?


Reporters have been disclosing that the Trump administration has ordered the suppression and redaction of any mention of climate change in government reports, policies, and procedures. This kind of covert action is representative of the kind of message control classically employed by fascist and totalitarian regimes.

Fascism creeps up on society like a slowly-leaking faucet that eventually overflows the sink: drip, drip, drip…


Dystrumpia might dismiss this as either fake news and/or of no significance, but they might consider the hypothetical 2020 scenario with the election of a new non-Trumpian secular administration that might not want any mention of Christianity, the Bible, Jesus, God, or prayer in government documents; and following Trump’s strategy, have these words secretly and systematically redacted from all government documents and policies. I doubt Dystrumpia would be happy with that!

Reasonable and lawful content should not be secretly and arbitrarily redacted from government documents just to suit an administration’s bias. If a report has been properly researched, vetted, and produced by a government agency, let that report be made public. American citizens have a right to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions and decisions without being deceived and manipulated by insider zealots who say they are called by God. Surely their better angels are not at work here.

Just as likely, the devil made them do it.


Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Society / Politics & Government / Fascism

Presidents Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey) began their assaults on democratic norms and institutions by demonizing the opposition. Then, with a combination of threats, purges, and appointments of cronies, they clipped the wings of their judiciaries and bureaucracies, enabling their subsequent, more complete power grabs.

Fareed Zakaria

The Rise and Fall of Dystrumpia

The Rise and Fall of Dystrumpia

Words Matter, he’s just no good at them

  • I easily win the Presidency of the United States with legal votes cast.”
  • Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”
  • “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic,” but later,
    • “Actually, in many ways, I up-played it, in terms of action.”
  • “I alone can fix it.”
  • Trump says QAnon conspiracy theorists
    • “like me very much,” and
    • “love our country’
  • I wish her well, frankly,” Trump says of Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Re-tweeted “White Power!” and then deleted it
  • Kung flu
  • “Testing should be slowed down.”
  • Trump threatens protesters with “vicious dogs
  • Trump called Governor Inslee (WA) a “snake
  • Trump called the coronavius “a hoax
  • Chinese virus…”
  • Called generals “dopes” and “babies”
  • He has the speech, vocabulary, and principles of a 6th-grader
  • State of the Union speech: lots of lies
  • Trump calls Adam Schiff “a sick man.”
  • “I don’t have racist bone in my body!” (lie)
  • FBI are “scum”
  • “…Trump is calling for a complete shutdown of muslims…”
  • “President Putin just said it’s not Russia.” (interfering in U.S. elections)
  • “They’re rapists, but some are fine people.” (Mexico)
  • “Shithole countries.” (Africa)
  • “I prefer heroes who don’t get caught.” (John McCain)
  • “Mexico will pay for the wall.” (lie)
  • “We fell in love,” with Rocketman.
  • “I’m a stable genius.”
  • “Kurds didn’t help us in Normandy.”
  • “Very fine people on both sides.”
  • “I’m a very smart guy.” (Who says that?)
  • “I know more than the generals.”
  • “I command you to leave China!”
  • “He’s weak, low IQ.”
  • “Republicans are scum.”
  • “I hardly know the man.”
  • “Whistleblower is a traitor.”
  • “Impeachment is like a lynching.”
  • “He died like a dog.” (lie)
  • “She’s not my type.” (misogyny)
  • “You can grab them by the pussy.”
  • “Well, he’s two-faced.” (Trudeau)
  • “My father was born in Germany

Trump Frustration Calculator

Trump Frustration Calculator

Big Picture / Human Society / Politics & Government / Utopianism / Dystrumpia / Trump Frustration Calculator

4 years


[ lies + bullshit + incivility + corruption + nepotism ]


75,198, 127 democratic voters



The Republican Senate is Like a Gated Golf Community

The Republican Senate is Like a Gated Golf Community

Big Picture / Human Society / Politics / Utopianism / Dystrumpia / Republican Senate

No Trespassing!

You might think of the Republican Senate as a “Privileged White Male Evangelical Christian Golf Community” (PWMECGC), locally known as Whispering White Palms Golf Community, or shorter still, “The Palms”. In the center of The Palms was the infamous White Palms Country Club (WPCC) which the senatorial members liked to call the “White House,” which is to this day a male-only country club except during the annual Topless Hullabaloo Scramble.

When you drive up to The Palms, the first thing you see is the ominous security gate and the impressive fort-like complex completely surrounded by a massive brick wall so high that all you can see are the tops of the roofs of the Senators’ mansions.

The massive wall that surrounds The Palms was meant to protect the assets and safety of the privileged white male evangelical christian Senators. But it was also meant to keep out people of color and low net-worth rabble-rousers in general, except for the essential services workers who came in through the back entrance to mow and trim the lawns, pick up the dog poop, clean the houses and pools, do the laundry, maintain the golf course, caddy for the members (shankapotomus on parade), cook and serve the food at the country club, and tend the well-stocked bar for as low an hourly wage (no benefits) as the Senators could get away with.

Oh, and they cleaned up the vomit when the Senators were over-served (Yech!).

These are the same workers that the privileged white male evangelical christian republican Senators demonized on a daily basis, and tried to both physically and virtually build a wall around the United States to keep them out, except of course for the ones that worked at their mansions in The Palms.

The Palms

The Palms was a sort of mini-utopia, with each humongous house looking about the same, the grounds landscaped and groomed to perfection, no potholes in the streets, no dogs pooping on the super-green grass, and no children to be found anywhere who would most certainly leave bikes on the lawn, multi-colored chalk drawings on the sidewalks, and other annoying stuff kids do that the old and creaky and grumpy Senators (Hey kid, get off my lawn!) didn’t want to put up with anymore.

Order was maintained by extreme peer pressure to force strict adherence to the rules which specified absolutely no

  • beat-up pickups parked in the driveway
  • grilling steaks in the backyard with one’s shirt off (Yech again!)
  • talking during a backswing
  • forgetting to repair one’s shank-inspired gnarly divots, and
  • saying grace and “thank you for your service” at the dinner table without holding hands.

In The Palms, uniformity, preciseness, and adherence to the rules translated into stability, harmony, and serenity. Nothing, especially votes, was left to chance, and everything was in its place, kinda opposite of the real world.

The Senators were tired and wrinkly and crusty after decades of double scotches, cigars, unlimited rich food, too much Viagra-stimulated extracurricular sex, and too much sun at The Palms. Nevertheless, life for them was good, far better than the below-minimum-wage workers that came in through the back gate to serve them.

“We are so blessed,” the Senators would often say.

The Country Club

A few years ago, Whispering Palms Country Club (the “White House”) conducted a search for a new general manager. The search committee was made up of those Senators with the lowest handicaps.

Don’t step on the grass!

While they had many well-qualified candidates that came from the top private men-only golf country clubs across the nation, they ended up awarding the position to a guy named Don who said he had no resume, but he said all his friends (one or two) called him “Prez”. He bragged a lot about his golf game, but the truth was he had a golf swing that made squirrels run for the trees and a vocabulary that fit on a business card (one side only).

Prez accidentally got the job because during his interview, he told all of the Senators on the search committee, “You Senators are a bunch of fuck’n losers! You need me more than I need you. I can make The Whitehouse great again, but if you low-IQ, weak-kneed scumbags don’t give me the job, I’ll sue your ass so badly you’ll have to move in with your parents, assuming those decrepit motherfuckers are still alive!”

The Senators laughed so hard, tears were rolling down their cheeks and they thought Prez was so funny that he would be great in the position. What they didn’t realize was, he really meant it, but they didn’t get it, at least not right away.

As time went by, the Senators realized Prez was also a low-life scumbag, and didn’t give a shit about anybody. But they put up with his shenanigans which included slapping their wives’ butts and an occasional inappropriate grope. But the spouses kinda liked it so they went along with it.

“That’s just Prez being Prez,” they would say.

Prez had no respect for anyone. He considered everyone except himself a chump that he used and abused for his entertainment and financial enrichment. He was a mean son-of-a-bitch.

The privileged white evangelical male christian members allowed Prez to play the big shot inside The Palms, but at the end of the day he reluctantly did (mostly) what they told him to do. He was a tool of their own making. They quietly murmured words like “He’s the Chosen One,“ or “He’s a vessel filled up with god’s spirit to do god’s work,“ or “I don’t like his tweets, but I like his policies.”

The Chosen One doing god’s work while taking a one-club length drop from the hazard.

Prez was barely able to hold on to his job by lying and schmoozing the Senators’ wives and hiring an army of wise-guy attorneys to fix his various gaffs, frauds, and scandals. The Senators had made their pact with the devil — not the Chosen One — and it was backfiring on them in slow-motion.

Enemies at the Gate

Protecting Prez from the enemies at the gate just outside the wall was an everyday struggle.

Unfortunately for the Senators who didn’t know this at the time they hired Prez, he had double-crossed a few people in his day – like, hundreds of banks, and, thousands of investors, employees, suppliers, politicians (republicans and democrats), and porn stars – so things came back to haunt Prez and the Senators on a daily basis, which required a lot of lawyers and a lot of cash to catch and kill these attackers. Apparently, everybody has their price and can be bought off. How do you ever save money living like that?

“If you have to ask the question,” Prez would say, “then you’re a loser.” Hmm. Was he right about that? Crap!

Prez had miraculously escaped jail and gotten away with everything, and that made his enemies all the madder. They were obsessed to see Prez get his comeuppance.

Prez said and/or did something crappy and/or criminal just about every day, which was driving the Senators crazy in their accidental partnership with the devil:

  • The Senators needed Prez, and
  • Prez needed the Senators.

The Senators had to protect Prez from his enemies because if he went to jail, things would go badly for the Senators because Prez knew too much about their own dalliances and corruption and they knew he was a “double-down” revenge kind of guy.

Luckily for Prez, the privileged white male evangelical christian Senators were able to protect him. As long as Prez stayed inside The Palms’ magnificently high walls, Prez was safe.

The massive wall also kept out witnesses, because witnesses were really bad news and could screw things up. Witnesses didn’t know how to speak in the code language that Prez and the Senators used that included nonsense words, oblique references, raised eyebrows, and an occasional wink. Witnesses simply told the truth which was awkward, dangerous, and not nearly as much fun as speaking in code.

Occasionally a witness would try to clamber over the top of the wall screaming and blowing a whistle, but The Palms had a top-notch, social media savvy public relations smear squad poised at all times to demonize anything that moved.

They also had one mean-ass dog on the grounds named “Bubba”.

You Foolish Mormon, You

Life in The Palms hummed smoothly as long as the members followed the Club Rules. But every now and then a member would “break ranks”. Not too long ago, a privileged white male senator known as “The Mormon” called for a vote of no-confidence to try and get rid of Prez. He was upset that Prez refused to pick up the tab after a fancy dinner.

Word spread inside The Palms to not speak to the Mormon and his wife, make it hard for him to get an early-morning tee time, and to not invite Mr. and Mrs. Morman to the very important and gala-ish annual dinner-dance.

Things went hard for the Mormon and his family.

But that was life inside the walls of The Palms, not too different from high school. If you tried to step out of line and rock the boat, literally the next day the members made sure there would be “no more soup for you.”

It Was Bound to Happen

Prez one day announced that “… he was leaving to pursue other interests,” meaning, he got fired by the privileged white male evangelical christian Senators. They wrote him a big sayonara check and kicked his very fat ass out the front door of the White House and told him to never come back.

When Prez walked through the door and down the steps away from the White House, he turned around and yelled back:

“You guys are such a bunch of weak fuck’n losers, each and every one of you! You’re all so stupid, you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and you bunch of babies will be lost without me! Your membership numbers will plummet like they’ve never plummeted before!”

Prez paused to wipe some spit off his chin, and then continued.

“You’ll be getting a letter from my attorney. You’re gonna have a lawsuit on your hands like no lawsuit you’ve ever seen before. You‘re gonna wish you were dead! In fact, you’re all dead to me right now!

“You pussies all need to go back to your mansions and take your afternoon nap. I was the best general manager you ever had; in fact, I think, I know, I’m the best in the country… no, the world! I’m the best general manager of all time!

“Vicious, you’re all so vicious! You’re gonna pay big-time, motherfuckers!”

Prez gave the Senators the finger while thrusting it up in the air several times. Then he turned around and lumbered (slowly, painfully) down the driveway toward the newly-remodeled front gate with a new guard shack like no guard shack you’ve ever seen before.

The Senators all laughed at Prez, but it was a nervous laugh.


Was Trump Ever the Chosen One?

Was Trump Ever the Chosen One?

Big Picture / History / World Since 1920 / United States Since 1920 / Dystrumpia

Image result for trump at a rally
It’s all about me, baby! I am the CHOSEN ONE!

Was Trump truly the Chosen One for evangelical Christians? Was he really the flawed man god tapped to lead America out of depravity to the promised land? Do you believe QAnon’s claim that he is the “savior of humanity”?

How could a silver-spoon brat from Queens who’s lived his entire life

  • bullying
  • lieing
  • playing by his own rules
  • cheating, including on his three wives while paying off porn stars and bragging about groping women
  • stiffing and misleading employees, investors, shareholders and suppliers throughout six bankruptcies
  • mocking disabled people in public
  • monetizing the Whitehouse for personal financial gain
  • tweeting attacks and insults 24×7, and
  • spreading incivility, lude-rude-crudeness, racism, untrustworthiness and chaos across the globe…..

…..be the Chosen One?

Where in any of this and his 25,000+ lies (as of 10/22/20) during his presidency do you find the Christian values of honesty, fidelity, humility, empathy, kindness and charity?

What biblical scripture rationalizes and glorifies the Coming of Dystrumpia?

What were we thinking?




Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Society / Social Groups / Zeitgeist

Weird, absurd, awful, bad, crazy, embarrassing, gory, gross, hilarious, unbelievable, ridiculous, scary, shocking, shameful, sickening, wacky, what were you thinking, you gotta be kidding me




Magic and Myth

Magic lives in curves, not angles. — cooley

Recipes are like magic spells that bring people together.

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Transmission suspicion.
I'm not feeling just right.

First come the sniffles.
Then I got the chills.
Followed by fever.
Head for the hills!

Big Questions

What is the American Dream?

  • Has the pandemic delayed if not killed the American Dream?

What is American Culture?

All The President’s Fixers

All The President’s Fixers

Fixers Hall of Shame

“These guys are very fine syco….. excuse me, I meant to say, very fine people.”

Atlas, Scott | Azar, Alex | Barr, William | Bannon, Steve | Carlson, Tucker | Cippolone, Pat | Cohen, Michael | Conley, Sean | Conway, Kellyanne | DeJoy, Louis | Derschowitz, Allen | DeVoss, Betty Ann | Giuliani, Rudy | Graham, Lindsey | Guilfoyle, Kimberly | Flynn, Michael | Jordan, Jim | Hannity, Sean | Hicks, Hope | Ingraham, Laura | Kushner, Jared | Levin, Mark | Limbaugh, Rush | Manafort, Paul | McConnell, Mitch | McEnany, Kayleigh | Meadows, Mark | Miller, Stephen | Mnuchin, Steve | Mulvaney, Mick | Navarro, Peter | Parnas, Lev | Pecker, David | Pence, Mike | Pompeo, Mike | Rivera, Heraldo | Skelow, Jay | Sondland, Gordon | Stone, Roger | Trump, Donald Jr. | Trump, Eric | Trump, Ivanka | Trump, Melania

The Dystrumpia Appointee Shuffle:


Contribute BIG to Trump > Get appointed by Trump > Break the rule of law for Trump > Get fired > STOP

Find new appointee


Trust takes a sincere and consistent effort over time, built slowly but deliberately over a marriage, a career, a lifetime. But, trust can be lost in a second by one covert strategy that breaks the rule of law. Louis Dejoy has lost his trustworthiness and integrity with the American people. No matter what he says at the congressional inquiry, we should not believe a word he says.

Fire his ass!


Big Questions

How does it feel, America, to be given the finger by Donald Trump and a thousand of his pay-to-play cronies crammed together on the White House south lawn wearing no masks to worship their “Chosen One,” broadcast on network TV complete with fireworks?

What an insult to hundreds of millions of good Americans and their children who have played by the rules, many taking great risks as front line caretakers, worn masks and kept their social distance, each one doing their part to protect those around them and their community. But not Trump. Not his cronies and family. As one of them said, “We’re all going to get it anyway.” That kind of selfish, ignorant anti-science arrogance is what the White House and Dystrumpia are all about.

So be it, Dystrumpia. There will be a reckoning for your misdeeds on November 3. It’s time to kick the “Chosen Corrupt One” out of the Oval Office and let the civil and criminal lawsuits begin against him so that he gets what he has deserved for a long time.


Is there a pattern of un-justice at the Justice Department these days, where criminal judgments always tilt in favor of political allies?

Is Michael Flynn lying about lying he lied?

What happened to Giuliani?

Is Trump a schill for

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Truth and Trust

Truth and Trust

In an untruthful, deep-fake world, you have to trust your own



values, and

common sense.


Big Questions

Is “Truth” now whatever is first in a google search results listing?

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Racial, Ethnic & Gender Prejudice and Persecution

Racial, Ethnic & Gender Prejudice and Persecution

Mobility is essential to freedom.

Gretchen Sorin

Big Questions

For our
– genocide of native american indians
– enslavement of Africans
– racism and prejudice against people of color and immigrants, and
– misogynistic treatment of women,

how do we make it right once and for all and reboot America in the process?

Are reparations past due?


How do we battle racism without harming or killing peaceful and innocent protesters, and, well-meaning police trying to keep the peace?

Is defunding police a cost-effective, feasible alternative to reforming within the existing policing system and culture? If not, then how do we effect positive change on both sides of the citizen-police contract?

Is there a klansman in your family tree?

Is racism predominantly instinctive (nature) or learned (nurture)?

Why are hate crimes increasing in U.S. cities?

  • Has the bigoted rhetoric and policies of the Trump administration intensified bullying, discrimination, and even violence toward minority communities?
  • Can a White Nationalist (Trump) be our moral leader?

What Would Jesus DO?

Is it not the grand irony of our times that the very people who insist that Jesus and the Bible must be the ruling principles of our culture and nation in all affairs, are also accomplices to the spreading of hate and violence and racism by their affiliation and support of Donald Trump?

They forgot to ask themselves, What Would Jesus Do?

Shame on them for their cowardice and hypocrisy in the face of the worst bully and liar we’ve ever experienced in the Whitehouse. No matter what evangelicals say, Trump is not the CHOSEN ONE!


SHUT UP, and

step out of the car,

get out of my gated community,

get in line,

go do the (essential) work,

stand at attention,



go to war,

stay in your lane,

get off your knee and stand up, and





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Authentic photographs tell a thousand words. Would Trump play with a child, much less let them touch his hair? Of course not! There is more that we don’t see about Trump than what we do see. We don’t see the authentic photographs of Trump’s lack of character, honesty, humility, empathy, sincerity, leadership, and quite simply being a man that can relate to a little boy as a father who once was a little boy himself.

Trump’s Whitehouse is a dark enclave of dysfunctional, self-serving, mean-spirited, racist white privileged operators for which there are no photographs.

If the American people only knew the half of it.


Big Questions

Can you believe what you read, see, and hear?

The danger of a deep fake is that once it has been seen and heard, it’s hard to un-believe it.
  • How do we really know the difference between opinion, advertising, and accurate news?
  • How will we fight state-sponsored disinformation and propaganda (deep fakes) in the future?
  • If Facebook’s content policies don’t require a post to be true, how do we protect ourselves from ourselves?
  • Is Facebook breaking our democracy?

How does a journalist report lies in a straightforward manner that doesn’t mislead and do a disservice to the readers/listeners of the news?

How much damage has the Trump administration’s rhetoric done to the public’s trust in the Fourth Estate?

Is the world suffering from a bad case of Trust Deficit Disorder? Are we becoming less honest?

Buyer Beware of Fake News

The cybersecurity profession learned early on that there is no way to protect every single computer and mobile device in the world against cyber attack by simply using policies and computer algorithms. Usually the weakest link is the individual that knowingly or not, clicks on a bogus phishing email or advertisement.

The same is true for protecting oneself against against fake news. We should not lay this off on the federal and state governments to solve this problem alone. Protection against cyber meddling starts with each individual being fully aware and educated about the role and responsibilities of citizenship, and having good common sense and judgment about the news they read and the sources they follow. At a minimum, we need to concentrate on education of the news consumer as much as we need to concentrate on the technology to identify, filter and block fake news.

In a time of uncertainty, facts provide clarity.
In a time of anxiety, facts comfort.
In a time of misinformation, facts correct.
In a time of division, facts unite.
In a time of crisis, facts matter most.


Besides, who should be the decider of what the truth is? I don’t think we want the government and/or the internet giants to unilaterally decide for us, but ultimately it must be up to each individual. We need to protect the media’s ability to collect and serve up factual news as best they can, but each individual should have an informed suspicion of what is fake or not.


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Fact-based, trustworthy journalism is a cornerstone of our democracy.