Games, Gaming, Play

Games, Gaming, Play

Men do not quit playing because they grow old;
they grow old because they quit playing.


Big Questions

Tennis anyone? > roof top tennis with Federer

Has the social, emotional, and intellectual value of online games been confirmed during this period of virus isolation?

When it comes to Virtual Reality’s impact on kids, how long is too long? How young is too young?

  • Are kids now officially citizens of a dual world, real and virtual?
  • In time, which one will they like better?
  • How will it change things for the better and/or the worse?
  • How will it change how kids relate to pre-Internet elders?
  • Overall, will this be a “better” world?

Protect the children from the unintended consequences.

What happened to free play?

Can a handicapped person break free of their chains of disability in a virtual world?

Is gaming addiction to Fortnite at epidemic proportions?

Do violent games contribute to youth violence?

On Being Outside: Your best experts are anybody over 50 because we literally grew up being outside and have now lived through a transition period and observed the differences between our generation and today’s.

There is nothing that replenishes and repairs the soul like being outside and connected with weather, nature’s green, earth’s blue sky, the sun’s warm glow, fresh air, randomness, and serendipity. Outside for us old-schoolers was a giant playground, stage, and fablab for creating things and making up play and games as you go. We could hardly wait to run out the front door of school and be with our friends and be FREE! It was always sad to have to go back inside.

Unfortunately, the awareness of this special gift is slipping away with each internet minute.


Big Picture

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Games and Play


Virtual Reality



Racial/Ethnic/Gender Prejudice and Persecution

Racial/Ethnic/Gender Prejudice and Persecution

Big Questions

Is there a klansman in your family tree? Is the foundation of our racism deeper than we realize?


Is racism predominantly instinctive (nature) or learned (nuture)?

Is defunding police a cost-effective, feasible alternative to reforming within the existing policing system and culture?

How do we battle racism? Does racism still exist in your town?

Why are hate crimes increasing in U.S. cities?

  • Has the bigoted rhetoric and policies of the Trump administration intensified bullying, discrimination, and even violence toward minority communities?

Can a White Nationalist (Trump) be our moral leader?

What Would Jesus DO?

Is it not the grand irony of our times that the very people who insist that Jesus and the Bible must be the ruling principles of our culture and nation in all affairs, are also accomplices to the spreading of hate and violence and racism by their affiliation and support of Donald Trump?

They forgot to ask themselves, What Would Jesus Do?

Shame on them for their cowardice and hypocrisy in the face of the worst bully and liar we’ve ever experienced in the Whitehouse. No matter what evangelicals say, Trump is not the CHOSEN ONE.


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Big Questions

The danger of a deep fake is that once it has been seen and heard, it’s hard to unbelieve it.

Can you believe what you read, see, and hear?

  • How do we really know the difference between opinion, advertising, and accurate news?
  • How will we fight state-sponsored disinformation and propaganda (deep fakes) in the future?
  • If Facebook’s content policies don’t require a post to be true, how do we protect ourselves from ourselves?
  • Is Facebook breaking our democracy?

How does a journalist report lies in a straightforward manner that doesn’t mislead and do a disservice to the readers/listeners of the news?

In a time of uncertainty, facts provide clarity.
In a time of anxiety, facts comfort.
In a time of misinformation, facts correct.
In a time of division, facts unite.
In a time of crisis, facts matter most.


How much damage has the Trump administration’s rhetoric done to the public’s trust in the Fourth Estate?

Is the world suffering from a bad case of Trust Deficit Disorder? Are we becoming less honest?

Buyer Beware of Fake News

The cybersecurity profession learned early on that there is no way to protect every single computer and mobile device in the world against cyber attack by simply using policies and computer algorithms. Usually the weakest link is the individual that knowingly or not, clicks on a bogus phishing email or advertisement.

The same is true for protecting oneself against against fake news. We should not lay this off on the federal and state governments to solve this problem alone. Protection against cyber meddling starts with each individual being fully aware and educated about the role and responsibilities of citizenship, and having good common sense and judgment about the news they read and the sources they follow. At a minimum, we need to concentrate on education of the news consumer as much as we need to concentrate on the technology to identify, filter and block fake news.

Besides, who should be the decider of what the truth is? I don’t think we want the government and/or the internet giants to unilaterally decide for us, but ultimately it must be up to each individual. We need to protect the media’s ability to collect and serve up factual news as best they can, but each individual should have an informed suspicion of what is fake or not.


Big Picture

Big Picture / Technology / Information Processing / Communication Systems / Journalism

Fact-based, trustworthy journalism is a cornerstone of our democracy.




Big Picture / Human Society / Politics & Government / Utopianism / Dystrumpia

This is what tyranny looks like: Homeland Security slips into Portland

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

Trump trying to

  • wear a (designer) mask in the most contrived way…..what a joke!
  • kill DACA, but loses
  • reluctantly assume leadership of the federal effort to battle COVID-19 including
  • keep China honest
  • neutralize and/or assassinate bad guys
  • secure the southern border
  • not start new wars
  • reduce the number of troops deployed internationally
  • force (sue) corporations over the high cost of drugs, e.g., HIV Truvada
  • ban e-cigarettes, and
  • advance criminal justice reform.

The Bad

abusive, amoral, criminal, demagogic, despotic, destructive, disingenuous, greedy, illogical, impulsive, ineffective, manipulative, nepotistic, opportunistic, rogue, short-sighted, unethical, unhinged, uninformed, untrustworthy, untruthful, unwise

When false statements are posted on social media such as “hydroxychloroquine is a game changer,“ they spread like wildfire — faster than the truth.


Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus cases

Donald Trump has totally mismanaged the response to the Coronavirus Pandemic by

  • claiming
    • “children are virtually immune from COVID-19,” and
    • the coronavirus will “go away soon”
  • suggesting people could injest bleach to kill the virus
  • pushing the restart of America in a dangerous “banzai-style” charge
  • pushing hydroxychloroquine which raises death risk in Covid patients
  • announcing we’re “going to kill ourselves” if the economy doesn’t improve soon
  • repeatedly ignoring the intelligence briefings he was receiving daily
  • firing the experts and experienced U.S. global pandemic response team over two years ago
  • denying the coronavirus threat early on, calling it “a hoax,” and
  • firing the Inspector Generals when accountability reports were showing poor performance for
    • recognition and swift response of the threat, and
    • fair, equitable and swift distribution of emergency funds.

Rule of Law and Truth

Trump will pay any price, make any deal, bend any law to assure his own survival and success.

John Bolton

  • Trump pardons Roger Stone as he parades corruption in plan sight
  • Fires Geoffrey Berman of Manhattan US Attorney’s office
  • Abused his power via the Attorney General and Justice Department to tamper with Roger Stone’s verdict
  • Cheated Amazon out of a $10 billion contract
  • Violated War Powers Resolution by assassinating Qassem Soleimani — an act of war against Iran — without consulting with Congress
    • Threatened bombing Iran’s cultural sites in violation of Geneva Convention
  • Violated Federal Protection Laws by exposing the whistleblower
  • Just take the land” to build wall and he’ll pardon staff if jailed
  • 6 WH administrators in jail or indicted
  • Pardoned convicted, undermined military
  • Pathological lying, cover up, obstruction
    • Defended Putin over claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election, ignoring our own intelligence community.Quid pro quo dirt from foreigners
  • Abuse of Office for personal gain:
    • Violating emollients law in plain sight (Trump’s properties)
    • Nepotism
      • Trump, his family, cronies, and secret service
        • stay at his properties worldwide, and
        • rack up massive bills charged back to the people
      • Ivanka in China
      • Jared in Saudi Arabia and Israel

Economic Warfare

Alienation of Allies

  • Suddenly pulled U.S. Troops out of Syria
  • Canada, Europe/NATO, Kurds, Mexico
  • But embraced every enemy and dictator


  • Demonized and weaponized immigration for political purposes.
  • Separated children from their families
  • Southern wall is a boondoggle
    • diverted $36B from military budget

Clean Air and Water and Land

Dictators and Despots: Failed to make accountable

Swamp: to drain or not to drain

  • All the President’s Fixers
  • Refilled swamp with cronies, crooks, family
  • Cronyistic revolving door of corrupt/inept appointees
  • Elitist doofas for Education Secretary

Politicization of

No Progress with

  • Climate change
    • Withdrew Paris Accord
  • Critical infrastructure report card is D-
  • Healthcare
    • Cost of prescription drugs
  • Gun control
  • Racism

The Ugly

awful, awkward, buffoonish, cheater, clumsy, conceited, crazy, embarrassing, foolish, immoral, mean, moronic, narcissistic, outrageous, petty, racist, ridiculous, selfish, shameful, sleazy, snarky, stupid, untrustworthy, untruthful, vulgar, wacky, weird

In Dystrumpia, justice doesn’t apply to rich white men who help the president.

Reality TV every day

What the hell is this?

Manipulation/Suppression of the Truth 1984-Style

  • Lied
    • about his taxes
    • about the size of his inauguration crowd, and
    • 10,000 other things
  • Tampered/intimidated impeachment witnesses in real time
  • Paid off porn star payoffs: Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow
  • Self-predicted Hurricane Dorian’s path with a Sharpie
  • Erased anti-Trump images in National Archive exhibit

Insulted and/or physically mocked and/or bullied

Gangster-in-Training: You’re Fired!

Weirdness (you gotta be kidding me!)

“So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous—whether it’s ultraviolet or just a very powerful light,” Trump said. “And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way and I think you said you’re going to test that too.”

Donald Trump
  • Hugging the flag
  • Made an offer to buy Greenland (with whose money?!)
  • Interviewed adjacent to a D-Day cemetery

Words Matter, he’s just no good at them

If Trump didn’t hear “White Power!”, then he’s the only one in the United States that didn’t. Gimme a break.


  • I wish her well, frankly,” Trump says of Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Re-tweeted “White Power!” and then deleted it
  • Kung flu
  • “Testing should be slowed down.”
  • Trump threatens protesters with “vicious dogs
  • Trump called Governor Inslee (WA) a “snake
  • Trump called the coronavius “a hoax
  • Chinese virus…”
  • Called generals “dopes” and “babies”
  • He has the speech, vocabulary, and principles of a 6th-grader
  • State of the Union speech: lots of lies
  • “I alone can fix it.”
  • Trump calls Adam Schiff “a sick man.”
  • “I don’t have racist bone in my body!” (lie)
  • FBI are “scum”
  • “…Trump is calling for a complete shutdown of muslims…”
  • “President Putin just said it’s not Russia.”
  • “They’re rapists, but some are fine people.”
  • “Shithole countries.”
  • “I prefer heroes who don’t get caught.”
  • “Mexico will pay for the wall.” (lie)
  • “We fell in love,” with Rocketman.
  • “I’m a stable genius.”
  • “Kurds didn’t help us in Normandy.”
  • “Very fine people.”
  • “I’m a very smart guy.” Who says that?
  • “I know more than the generals.”
  • “I command you to leave China!”
  • “He’s weak, low IQ.”
  • “Republicans are scum.”
  • “I hardly know the man.”
  • “Whistleblower is a traitor.”
  • “Impeachment is like a lynching.”
  • “He died like a dog.” (lie)
  • “She’s not my type.” (misogyny)
  • “You can grag them by the pussy.”
  • “Well, he’s two-faced.” (Trudeau)
  • “My father was born in Germany


Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Big Picture / Human Society / Law / Untrustworthy Hall of Shame

Social Parasites

Religion, sports, corporations, government, entertainment, police, and the military are massive global communities that attract people who want to do good to make a difference in the world. But because they are so huge and complex, they also attract a percentage of impostors with bad intentions who infiltrate and hide within these professions to silently and secretly pursue evil and wreak havoc.

...some bad cops will occasionally murder people on the street…


Like parasites, they hide inside their host. Their leverage is magnified by many times because they operate in an environment of trust which enables them to ambush kids and adults and minorities and immigrants and people of color they are sworn to serve and protect.

This is a dark corner of human nature that will be very difficult to stamp out. Some priests and ministers will molest children; some bad cops will occasionally murder people on the street; some soldiers will rape the women of their enemies.

Our only hope is to be constantly vigilant, make bad actors accountable, and never give up on the ideal of giving every woman, man, and child a chance to grow up and pursue life in a safe and loving environment without abuse, without violence, without trauma, so that we stop replanting over and over the seeds of evil that may someday sprout again.


Big Questions

Will the Sackler Family behind Purdue Pharma ever face justice for the opioid epidemic?

What is it with Mike Pence? Is he

  • arrogant
  • stubborn
  • narcissistic
  • vain
  • stupid
  • a non-organic species who can’t infect or be infected
  • the real Chosen One (instead of Trump), or
  • all of the above?

Are Trump and Barr undermining the integrity of the Justice Department? Is the normalization of redaction creating a fog of secrecy that obstructs democratic vigilance, accountability, and justice?

Should Russia be banned from all global sport including 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup for planting fake evidence and deleted files linked to positive doping tests?

Is Boeing being made fully accountable for its actions?

What is the greater risk to our democracy: That our adversaries lie to us? Or that our own government, politicians, and corporations lie to us?

What can/should Congress do when Trump appointees defy it?

Hall of Shame

A fish rots from the head down.

Banks: Collusion by Nomi Prins | massive corruption: Australian Banks | money laundering: Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo

Corporations, CEOs, Boards: NRA, United Airlines, Volkswagen, Massey Energy, fake it ‘til you make it: The Inventor

Courts, Justices, Attorneys: justice department: William Barr | crooked lawyer: Michael Avenatti | obstruction: Matthew Whitaker | West Virginia

Data Privacy: Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Despots: greed: The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management Sharman

Education: Secretary DOE: Betsy DeVos

Entertainment: Seaworld: Blackfish | sexual harassment: Bill Cosby, Louis C. K., Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein

Immigration: separation & abuse: Immigrant Children

Legal Profession: sexual harassment: Alan Dershowitz, Brett Kavanaugh

Media: extortion: American Media/National Inquirer | evangelical extremism: Sinclair Broadcasting

Oil & Gas Industry: climate change disinformation, oil & gas extractors: Blowout Maddow

Pay-to-Play: largest admissions scandal in history | The Price of Admission Golden | anything for a profit: Heineken in Africa van Beemen 

Pharmaceutical Industry: opioid addiction conspiracy: Sackler Family, Purdue Pharma


Ponzi: Bernie Madoff

Religion: (not) holier than thou, 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist Convention | Catholic church: Australian cardinal George Pell, Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, Pennsylvania, Spotlight

Schools: child abuse: The Quiet Rooms, St. George’s School, Boy Scouts of America

Sports & Athletes: cheating: Astros | sexual harassment: Larry Nassar/MSU/Olympics | doping: Russian Olympic Athletes | corruption: FIFA

Trump: coronavirus: Mike Pence | list of dismissals and resignations: Trump Administration | Russia: The Apprentice Miller


Is fascism sneaking up on us one tweet at a time?

Is fascism sneaking up on us one tweet at a time?


Fascism creeps up on society like a slowly-leaking faucet that eventually overflows the sink: drip, drip, drip…


Reporters have been disclosing that the Trump administration has ordered the suppression and redaction of any mention of climate change in government reports, policies, and procedures. This kind of covert action is representative of the kind of message control classically employed by fascist and totalitarian regimes.

Presidents Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey) began their assaults on democratic norms and institutions by demonizing the opposition. Then, with a combination of threats, purges, and appointments of cronies, they clipped the wings of their judiciaries and bureaucracies, enabling their subsequent, more complete power grabs.

Fareed Zakaria

Dystrumpia might dismiss this as either fake news and/or of no significance, but they might consider the hypothetical 2020 scenario with the election of a new non-Trumpian secular administration that might not want any mention of Christianity, the Bible, Jesus, God, or prayer in government documents; and following Trump’s strategy, have these words secretly and systematically redacted from all government documents and policies. I doubt Dystrumpia would be happy with that!

Reasonable and lawful content should not be secretly and arbitrarily redacted from government documents just to suit an administration’s bias. If a report has been properly researched, vetted, and produced by a government agency, let that report be made public. American citizens have a right to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions and decisions without being deceived and manipulated by insider zealots who say they are called by God. Surely their better angels are not at work here.

Just as likely, the devil made them do it.


Big Questions

Has Donald Trump replaced Joe McCarthy as the most dangerous demagogue in American history?

Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?

Big Picture

Big Picture / Human Society / Politics & Government / Fascism


In My Lifetime

In My Lifetime

 1949 – present

we stopped spitting in public
we stopped carrying guns into the saloon
we stopped littering our highways
we started protecting our air and water
we stopped drinking martinis at lunch
we stopped smoking in offices and restaurants
we stopped demonizing gay people
we eliminated the death penalty
we started yelling NO! to monuments of confederate slavery
we started yelling NO! to using more plastic
we started yelling NO! to sexual misconduct
we started yelling NO! to workplace discrimination
we started yelling NO! to unsustainable extraction
we started yelling NO! to police violence


gun violence,
racial, religious and ethnic prejudice,
religious vs secular polarization,
science denial,
endless wars,
sexual deviance,
the politicization of everything, and
poverty & inequality,

continue to plague us,


eventually, we do change for the better.


Social distancing

Big Picture

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What Does it Mean to be an American?

What Does it Mean to be an American?

If we could all sit down at the dining room table with some coffee and have a friendly discussion (that’s gonna have to be a big table), I think we could get back to basic core principles of what it means to be American, then everything could flow from those principles. Right now, Americans are all tied up in knots we can’t seem to untie. We have lost our way how to get along, to experience that good and powerful feeling of solidarity.

What does it mean to be an American? It is defined by what we believe in, what we do, and what we don’t do, that can be common to everyone:

  • Americans don’t like to be told what to do; however, they will come together in solidarity to help, protect, care for, and save fellow Americans.
  • Americans believe in family first.
  • Americans believe in the Golden Rule.
  • Americans are humble. We don’t brag; we are not vain.
  • Americans celebrate the team. We don’t say I, we say We.
  • Americans stand up and speak out against tyranny.
  • Americans don’t blame others; we are accountable.
  • Americans don’t practice nepotism.
  • Americans are civil both in person and online.
  • Americans are trustworthy. We don’t lie, we don’t exaggerate.
  • Americans are consistent. We don’t flip-flop.
  • Americans are loyal to family, friends, partners, and allies.
  • Americans take no satisfaction in bankruptcy at the expense of employees, suppliers, lenders, and investors.
  • Americans believe in democracy, free and fair elections, active civil participation, and majority rules.
  • Americans respect the rule of law applied equally and fairly to all citizens.
  • Americans allow and expect each other to keep leaders and government honest and accountable.
  • Americans respect all religions, but we separate church from state.
  • Americans embrace all refugees and immigrants, as we are descended from them.
  • Americans don’t discriminate against each other based on age, race, sex/gender, or religion.
  • Americans don’t unilaterally invade other countries, but we do defend our democratic shores and we help our allies when they call us for help.
  • Americans believe in the protection of human rights for all people of all countries.
  • Americans protect our citizens wherever they may be.
  • Americans think BIG, but we spend less than we earn.

How do Americans get back to our shared core values?

How do we get our leaders to lead from these values?


Big Picture


Family, Parenting, Grandparenting

Family, Parenting, Grandparenting

Old man,
look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.

Neil Young

Big Questions

How can the built environment help children cultivate self-reliance?

Are you frustrated with a screen-obsessed kid?

At what age should a child be given a cell phone?

Is it a good idea for kids to be asking for answers to important questions from digital assistants? Is this practice interfering with the learning process?

Are overprotective parents raising a generation that can’t grow up?

Can we get kids to listen without yelling in anger?

Big Picture

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Love over a lifetime has many colors. In the beginning, love is hot red and pink and black and white. As we age, love turns to green and brown and blue like a majestic tree with roots sunk deep and reaching for the sky and stars.





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